Sharing Music

We ended our first day at a pig roast at the community gardens where half of us worked today. A local bluegrass band was amazing and set just the right tone for the event. After they finished their set we got to share some of our music and some other locals joined in the fun.

Location:Williamson, WV


I Like Maps

One of my favorite things to do when traveling anywhere has always been to study the maps of the surrounding areas. I like to understand the terrain, the local landmarks, and anything associated with where I will be going. In the past this involved guidebooks and fold out maps from AAA. These days it is done via the internet with tools like Google Maps. Here is a map of where we’ll be. If I have connectivity I’ll try to add more sites to it when we get there and learn more about exactly where we’ll be working.

West Virginia, Still Home – Beautiful Video

From The New York Times: ‘West Virginia, Still Home’

Residents of McDowell County, W.Va., share memories and hopes for their rural community — in jeopardy because of high unemployment and an exodus of young people. The community portrayed here is very similar to Williamson.

How does the video make you feel about Williamson? What are your expectations of the community we will be staying in and working alongside next week?